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Hi, I'm Paula Murphy and I'm not only a Certified Master Chef but also a professional Ice Carver. I never thought growing up that I would spend so much time in a sub-freezing environment playing with ice, but it has become my passion. I've competed at multiple competitions around the world and actually have done quite well. Now I want to share my passion with you. I created this site to share tips about creating ice sculptures and to also educate the consumer on what to look for when buying an ice sculpture for an event. I hope you'll have some fun and learn a thing or two in the process. So, enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

How To Make Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are a wonderful way to set the atmosphere for an event or an occasion. Usually, professional sculptors make their own ice and practice for years with a variety of tools to create one-of-a-kind pieces. However, you can also learn to sculpt ice to make your own ice sculptures. To help you out, we’ve listed a few tips and tricks by which you can produce your own ice sculptures in a few hours.

Use a professional ice mold to make your own ice sculptures Most professional sculpture artists will make their own ice. They use custom molds and specific temperatures to create clear ice blocks that are perfect for making ice sculptures. Some artistes may also add colored water, bubbles and other accessories to the ice block to create their own custom pieces. The ice is frozen to a particular temperature to ensure that it forms a clear block or a white block according to the sculptors requirements. A few tips to remember while making and freezing the ice block are

-Use a large mold if you plan to make large ice sculptures.

-Make sure that the molds for the ice sculptures have two to three inches free at the top to ensure easy expansion.

-Use distilled water to create a clear luster and appearance in the block. Letting the water sit for a few hours will also ensure that the sediment will settle resulting in a clearer ice sculptures.

-Before freezing the block, add colored water or wait till the block is partially frozen to add two different colors. This will create a dual toned ice block which will create beautiful ice sculptures.

Carving the ice sculptures:
Ice is very hard and professional sculptors use a range of heavy duty equipment to carve hard ice. One very important part to remember is that ice is very hard and it can chip quite easily. For large blocks of ice, sculptors use chainsaws and hatchets to get the right shape and size. Finer sculpting on ice sculptures is done with hot sprays, knives and chisels. It does require strength and we recommend that you first practice as much as possible before starting on an ice block.

Cheat sheet for ice sculptures:
Not everyone can carve ice and its far easier to get ice sculptures molds from a professional company. Pour the ice into the molds and then assemble the ice sculptures as directed. This is particular easy for beginners and the molds can be reused as required. The molds are very cheap and you can also order them online to produce a range of ice sculptures. To provide an impressive effect, you can also sprinkle glitter, flower petals and toys inside the slowly freezing ice block to create unique ice sculptures.

Current Trends In Wedding Ice Sculptures

Most brides want their weddings to be unique and they are willing to spend well on a range of accessories like flowers, catering and return gifts. Instead of spending on these accessories, its a far better idea to set up different types of wedding ice sculptures which will impress your guests while setting the atmosphere for your special day. Wedding ice sculptures are also eco-conscious and trendy as many designs and styles can be produced to fit into any wedding theme. A few of the latest trends in wedding ice sculptures include the following-

Luges are a great conversation piece for weddings. These wedding ice sculptures are in the form of a slide. The drinks or the shot is poured down the slide and it automatically chills as it reaches the bottom. This creates a functional wedding ice sculptures that are a huge hit at every reception and function. You can use these wedding ice sculptures to chill up vodka, tequila, wine and even beer to create one of a kinds shots. Ask your caterer to prepare these wedding ice sculptures as you will need them to be hygienic and sanitary. The caterer will prepare wedding ice sculptures that are made from distilled water and which will not contaminate the drinks.

Salad bars:
Some caterers will adapt the wedding ice sculptures to include fruits or chocolates. As the wedding ice sculptures melt, the guests will be able to pick out the chocolates and eat them

Personalized wedding ice sculptures:
It is also possible to create small wedding ice sculptures that are used on individual dinner plates. Custom molds are available in the form or angels, flowers, boats etc. Each mold can be filled with a unique gift and then placed on the diners plate. When the wedding ice sculptures melt, the diner can take the memorabilia or the wedding favor home with them.

Ice platters:
Your wedding ice sculptures don’t have to be just decorative. You can also use intricately carved ice platters as wedding ice sculptures. They work in the same way and are completely disposable. We also recommend using ice glasses or ice buckets as wedding ice sculptures to hold your champagne

Designer wedding ice sculptures:
There are special sculptors that will create custom pieces for each wedding. Of course, this will be expensive but if you are willing to have a unique piece, then you can create it by contracting an artist or a ice sculptor.

Keep yourself updated with the latest in wedding ice sculptures by following bridal websites. If you like a particular design or style, download the images of the wedding ice sculptures and store them till required. You can show them to the ice sculptor and get your wedding ice sculptures custom made for your wedding.